Collector and sales of beautiful Vintage bikes!

My passion for cycles spans over forty years!  I am always on the look out for vintage bikes. 


From an early traditional (the older the better!), Chopper or Grifter, pre '86 BMX, Road/ Race (again, any age, but love pre 80's especially Italian), even the very first mountain bikes!

Many people like to restore bikes, to look as they did when they left the showroom. Personally, I prefer a bike to look as it has been ridden and loved. You cannot beat the patina of a vintage bike. If it could, it could tell a thousand stories about its past life!  I like to try and preserve that as much as possible.

I am currently on the look out for the following if anyone can help:


Pre '83 Raleigh Burners

Pre '85 Diamond Back bikes

Pre '85 Mongoose bikes


Sling Shot!

Cinelli MX1

BMX parts

Raleigh Grifter, Chopper etc

Hirame, road or traditional

Vintage Cinelli, Bianchi etc

Campagnolo components

All the vintage bikes that I sell, have been fully stripped and serviced and are ready to ride or hang on a wall!

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